M. Ward – December 1, 2010

M. Ward opening for a Yo La Tengo Hanukkah show at Maxwell’s in Hoboken

mward1I recall once back in 2008 or so, Chris asked if there was anyone I would like him to record so I could have raw sources and do a mix — I listed a few possibilities, even focused on a couple Portland-based artists — and M. Ward was one I mentioned.

Fast-forward a couple years and 3000 miles and I got my wish.  It’s a short opening set, but it’s absolutely worthy of the efforts to record it, and the time put in to make it a very worthy listen (even repeated listens!) Check it out for yourself…



Yo La Tengo – December 22, 2008

Hanukkah Night 2, Live at Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ

ylt-2008-22Yes, that’s a pic of Ira’s mother, who would come by to end one night with a rendition of “My Little Corner of the World”. These shows are special, for many many reasons. And that’s just one. A good one, too.

Check out their Tour Diary! 



Yo La Tengo – December 21, 2008


Hanukkah 2008, live at Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ

So it’s time to get into a full set of Hanukkah shows. I’ll even try to get the opening acts up here (the ones that I have). But of course we’ll start our focus onylt-2008-21 the band that makes it all happen. Here’s a link to the tour diary of the 8 nights of 2008. A good time was had by all. We hope you enjoy the efforts of everyone involved in making this happen, and definitely the gracious nature of the band for letting us do this.



Thee Oh Sees – October 8, 2012

Live in Portland (sources courtesy of Chris F. and Thee Oh Sees)theeohsees

I remember having done this mix, but I don’t recall ever listening to it since. Then about a month ago I saw they had some new music out, and I checked out the new album — and I was really blown away by it. This is the kind of progressive growth that some bands achieve, and others don’t. It’s what sets you apart. This new album sets them apart, right from the first track. I could easily become fanatic about them, they’re in my wheelhouse right now, very much so. And here’s a high quality glimpse of their live show, from about 18 months ago. You should check it out, or just go and buy that new album. It is that good.



Slam Dunk – December 29, 2013

Live at the Mission Theater, Portland, ORslamdunk1

Night one of the three night stand, leading up to New Years Eve, 2013. This is my initiation into the band, and it’s a fun little ride with good energy — though I’d like to see if the songwriting can evolve a little bit. The ingredients to rise above the fray is obviously there, they just need a little less frenetic energy and a little more focused identity. My two cents. (Feel free to chuck it in a fountain and wish…whatever.)




Built To Spill – December 30, 2013

Live At Mission Theater, Portland, OR


From the 3 night stint to end the year 2013, with the Apostrophe’s and Slam Dunk. Eventually, the entire run will be here to hear, all bands-all nights. Until then, here’s the rubber match for Doug et al.

Note: I have yet to once bring up any single track from this run of shows and not be truly blown away by the sonic pleasure that the sources/mixes created. It’s magical. The kind of magic that, if you’re not a fan, or you’re uninitiated, this is a good fucking place to start. Just sayin’.



Sebadoh – June 8, 1995

Live in London

Single-cam, wide shot mostly. But it’s not really about the visuals (unless you gaze behind them, then indeed it’s all about the visuals!). The soundboard feed mixed up with the cam audio helps create a real sweet recording at a seminal time for the ‘doh. Killer shit.


Pavement – March 4, 1994

Live at Luxor in Cologne, Germany.

(all AV sources courtesy Rainer/Pavement)

One of my favorites from one of my favorites from one of my favorites. (For the record [pun intended] that’s, in order: show, band, source provider. Anyways, I’m just having dumb fun with words, which is the antithesis to why almost everything here, is here. So click the link and watch the show, or grab it below in high quality lossless FLAC, and take it wherever you go, or stay, or whatever odd thing it is that you do when listening to cool tunes. We’re done here…


Download FLAC here.

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks – March 15, 2014

Live at the Star Theater, the band rocks hometown Portland, March 2014.

malkmarchAnd now once again, I’m having some fun with this, as there is two slightly different mixes to choose from. The original is no slouch; it got loving attention. But the “point 2″ got some TLC, which depending on your flavor-of-choice, may not mean shit. But both are here, to hear. Your choice, and no one needs to know (since I did both mixes, no feelings could be hurt anyways, not a competition, just a personal preference. Or something like that.)

Here’s a sample song….though not just any song, as the Jicks do Pavement:


Download links:

Download Original Mix

Download 13.2 Mix

Folk Implosion – April 11, 1997

The duo that was the initial Folk Implosion do a low-key set in Cologne, Germany. (sources provided by Rainer, you rock and rule dude.)


It’s interesting being a hardcore fan of Lou Barlow, and trying to keep up with the many bands and side-projects that he’s been involved with and/or invented. Sentridoh became Sebadoh, apparently true-solo projects are now under his name only, Dinosaur Jr. just isn’t the same beast without him in the lineup (though yes, J. Mascis IS an indie guitar god all by himself) and then there is the odd transformer-like machine that is Folk Implosion — that despite numerous line-up changes has essentially kept the same moniker aside from a brief soundtrack song credited to Deluxx Folk Implosion.

Each FI (yea, really weird typing that, as back in the 90′s I was a big fan of the RRR Records psych-space-rock group f/i…anyways, as I was saying…Each FI) album is a venture into the Lou-genius (I warned you, I’m a hardcore fan — he and I even briefly exchanged emails back in 2004 about me engineering/producing some of what became Emoh, though nothing came of that.) Each album holds it’s own against the others, but in very different spectrums of energy. Though there hasn’t been anything from them in over a decade (Sebadoh members often called it Folk Intrusion), I’m still hopeful it’s not completely dead.

So, this show harks back to the start, when a little-known film would produce a far better-known soundtrack and a somewhat hit single with “Natural One.” It was apparently too much attention/pressure for John Davis, who subsequently quit the band not long after. But we have this little gem of a real nice live recording that was left in the wake. So I enjoy it, as should you (everyone!)

Download FLAC here.